Saturday 1 June 2013

Salon Secrets: How to blow dry your hair

Round Barrel Brush and Sectioning Clips from Primark

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been lucky enough to have had my hair played with as a hair model at Toni and Guy. My hair’s been tonged, curled, pinned and teased into an array of different styles.

One of the first things any hairdresser in training needs to perfect is a blow dry.  I’ve picked up a few tips as I’ve had my hair done a few times now and wanted to share the secrets of how to get a salon style blow dry at home.

First off, your tools. You’ll need a round barrel brush with bristles, sectioning clips like the ones pictured to section and secure your hair with, a protein spray such as this one and a blow out spray such as this.

First off, wash hair and spray your protein spray all over. This will give the style some hold and texture and also protect it from heat damage. Dry, coloured hair can often be lacking in protein and using a spray like this can help restore your hair, improve the condition and keep the colour from fading.

Next, roughly dry the hair all over (you don’t need to part your hair yet) using a hairdryer without the nozzle. On a medium warm heat, take the hairdryer close to the root and use circular motions to dry the roots and give them volume. It’s really important that it’s not too hot so check that you can stand the heat against your hand before starting on the roots to ensure the scalp doesn’t get too hot! Make sure your hair is about 80-95% dry.

Next, spray a blow dry spray all over and part the hair. Section the bottom into two first then wind the rest of the hair into two buns using your sectioning clips by twirling, wrapping into a bun and the clipping straight against the scalp.

Using a large round barrel brush in one hand and a hairdryer with the nozzle on in the other, pull hair under and dry using a medium heat. Go over the ends a few times by winding back up and pulling down to ensure the ends are curled. Once you’ve repeated this pulling and rolling back movement a few times, roll the first section back up so it’s wrapped around the brush and blast with cold air to set. To avoid messing up the rest of your hair, direct the nozzle upwards just onto the edge of the brush nearest to you so the air is blowing upwards and not towards the rest of your hair. Unwind the first section in the direction that is away from your face.  Repeat on every section! Make sure that the first smaller layer has two sections, the next has 3 with one in the middle (across the parting) to make sure you don’t end up with a split in the middle of your head! Each layer can have up to 4 sections. The last, top layer should also have 3 sections and take care to pull everything away from your face to give you a natural look.

Once you’ve finished, tip your head back and rub a few pumps of serum onto your palsm. Workign from the top of your head, shake hair loose and use your hands as a comb.

Ta-dah! Salon style hair at your fingertips!

Let me know how you get on guys.

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