Tuesday 17 April 2012

Revlon Post Trauma Nail Treatment

This may not look exciting, but trust me, this is a little beauty. You know those days when it's not appropriate to be wearing mint green nail polish? Or when you just want to dress down, including your nails? Or perhaps you can't wear nail polish to work?

That's where Revlon's Post Trauma Nail Treatment comes in. Two coats of this leaves nails looking naturally gorgeous. It also fills in ridges a treat and can be used as a base coat, what a multi tasking wonder!

The best bit? I picked this up in Poundland of all places!!


  1. Just found your blog it's brilliant :) Can't wait to try something like this for my nails, they're going down hill with the amount of nail varnish i'm using



    1. I have bottles of this stuff love love love this stuff yayyyyy 💜