Monday 9 April 2012

Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily Shower Gel - Aldi Dupe

Whilst I was in my local Aldi looking for the Moroccan Oil dupe, Miracle Oil, I happened upon this little treasure.

Aldi has released a range of bath and body products under the name Abbott & Broome. Although it's been out since late last year, this is the first time I'd seen it (I admit I'm not in the habit of visiting Aldi and Lidl). I picked up the Divine Gingerlily Luxurious Bath & Shower gel for a mere 99p reduced from the usual price of £1.79. 

I have had the Molton Brown version before and as far as I can tell, they smell identical! They are also the same size and there's absolutely no doubt that they are dupes for Molton Brown, although their version comes in at £18 for the same sized bottle. 

They also have a number of other scents including Tranquil Templetree and Uplifting Eucalyptus, which I'd guess are copies of Blissful Templetree and Warming Eucalyptus. 

Have you tried any of these out? I haven't used it yet, hope it lathers!

UPDATE: I've used this now and it smells divine: the whole bathroom smells of Gingerlily! The product isn't as thick as the original I think, but it does the job nonetheless and lathers reasonably well. All in all, I really recommend it!

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  1. Mmm sounds delish! Though i don't have an Aldi anywhere near me - boo!xxx