Friday 13 February 2015

Event: Instameet Birmingham

On Saturday 24th January, a bunch of Instagram and photography enthusiasts descended upon Birmingham to capture images of the area around Paradise Circus.

Organised by Visit Birmingham and led by photographer Tim Cornbill, the Instameet was the first to be held in Birmingham. What is it, you may ask? Well, it was really an opportunity to walk the city, discover hidden places, meet new people with a shared passion for photography and document the environment around us.

Meeting at the Library of Birmingham, I finally had a chance to step inside the library. Meeting in an upstairs room, I took my favourite picture of the day inside a sun dappled room.

Emma Gray from Visit Birmingham gave the introductory talk and introduced us to Tim Cornbill from Associated Architects and to the theme, Reflections. There was also a competition to see your pictures exhibited at the IKON Gallery, More Birmingham Instagram Showcase and prizes for the top three pictures taken during the Instameet.

Having had our introductory talk, it was time to brave the cold and get exploring! We headed outside en masse and searched high and low for reflections in buildings, mirrors and puddles.

I have to admit, armed with my little Canon Ixus I didn't feel too confident surrounded by photographers who are much more experienced that I am, but I did take a few pictures nonetheless.

As we were so immersed in our work, we did manage to overrun on the allocated timeslot and by the end I was quite chilly. However, after heading back up to the Library for a group shot we were invited to Coast to Coast for a drink and nibbles.

In an effort to warm up before I braved the journey home I accepted the invite and joined the group at the Broad Street venue for some very pretty Pink Lemonades and got to meet the lovely Rabia from Marketing Birmingham and sit down for a chat with Glamour in the County.

The whole experience really opened my eyes to the idea of going to places just to take pictures. Like most people, I'm happy to capture a few snaps whilst I'm out, but this was the first time I had gone out for the purposes of capturing the world around me. I really enjoyed it though an would definitely be up for another Instameet!

Thank you to Visit Birmingham for organising the event. Keep your eyes peeled for the More Birmingham Instagram Showcase which will take place at the IKON Gallery from 27-29 November 2015.

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  1. Fab to see you there - It was so fun discovering bits of brum I'd never seen before!