Tuesday 19 May 2015

Clinique Smile Event - Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy

Aren't the people at Clinique generous? Last Tuesday Clinique held a Smile event to promote the famous Chubby Stick.

All you had to do was visit their Selfridges Birmingham counter and receive a lip makeover as well as a full sized Chubby Stick in the shade Curvy Candy!

I headed down in the morning and was greeted by the lovely Nicole. Sitting down for a chat, Nicole administered a lip scrub and moisturiser before applying Curvy Candy for me. I also got to sip on tasty a smoothie.

Not only that, but because I was one of the first 100 customers I also received a free bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk and tote bag! Lucky me!

I'm also booked up for a follow up appointment called "For Your Eyes Only", where I'm hoping to find out more about the Chubby Sticks for Eyes.

Did any of you make it down to the event?

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