Friday 17 July 2015

OOTD: Denim shirt and leather skirt ft NOWSEEN Jewellery

Hello and apologies for going AWOL guys! I've been away on holiday and not stopped since I came back but I have managed to squeeze in a OOTD and jewellery review of the Black Onyx Boxed Ring from Nowseen. 

Denim shirt - Primark // Faux Leather Skirt - Select // Leather Loafers - Bertie

Browsing through my wardrobe lately, besides noticing that all my clothes are black, I also noticed that there are two fabrics that I wear constantly. The first is denim; whether it's a denim shirt, jacket, skirt or pair of jeans, I have a lot of denim. The second is leather. Granted, I should really refer to it as pleather as it is leather look or vegetarian leather as some would call it, leather looks good whether it's a jacket, skirt, pair of trousers or of course shoes or bag.

Here is a timeless outfit that works well regardless of the weather. In winter, just add tights and black boots. In summer, swap the denim shirt for a grey t shirt and wear the denim shirt as a jacket or around your waist.

I've also been reviewing the Black Onyx Boxed Ring from Nowseen and have decided to do the big reveal on here! Nowseen has a great selection of affordable jewellery pieces made from pricious metals and precious/semi precious stones. I picked out this beautiful boxed ring because it is a stunning statement piece that is unlike anything I've seen before. Made of gold plated sterling silver, this ring is bold without being chunky, comfortable to wear and the black stone means it's a versatile piece. I have been browsing the rest of the site and I adore lots of the jewellery on there such as the Diamond Trophy Ring so it's definitely worth taking a look. Although it's more expensive than some pieces of costumer jewellery the prices are great considering the quality of the materials used.