Monday 26 August 2013

Monday Manicure Barry M Textured Nail Effect Nail Polish Ridley Road

Barry M Textured Nail Effect 2 coats (taken at night)

Barry M Textured Nail Effect 1 coat (taken in the day!)

As you saw in my birthday present haul post, I was really lucky to receive this as a gift*. The textured nail effects from Barry M are a much cheaper dupe of the Nails Inc concrete nail polish. I haven't tried the Nails Inc, but here's my thoughts on the Barry M version.

First off, I adore this colour! Pastel mint green nail polish is one of my favourites and Nails Inc Haymarket in particular. This however has got to be the most perfect mint colour without too much blue interfering with the pastel yumminess. Also, I actually think this shade works better in this matte finish than it does in a gloss. But I digress.

I've shown you a picture of how it looks at one coat and how it looks at two. I've heard a lot of bloggers say that they thought it needed three coats to get a good finish, but I was happy with two. 

The effect is really weird. To me, it almost felt like I was wearing falsies because my nails feel so alien! It's almost like sandpaper but not as scratchy :)

The only think to be careful of is that they mark really easily and mine ended up a bit grubby because my makeup rubbed off onto it.

The colour goes on smooth and then dries to this effect, I have no idea how but it's magic! Also, it dries pretty quickly which is always a bonus.

Overall I really love this polish for a special event or night out especially. At £3.99 I think it's definitely worth trying out and it's a fun way to experiment with colour and texture.

Have you tried any textured nail polishes?

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