Monday 17 December 2012

Monday Manicure: Nails Inc St James NOTD

After bulk buying December's Glamour (see this post) I started trying out the nail polishes immediately. (patience is not my thing).

First up is St James by Nails Inc. Although it's the first one I've tried, this is definitely my favourite shade of the four I picked up already and a contender for holy grail status as my favourite red shade.

In the picture it's come out really pink, but it's not! It's actually a true pillarbox red as you can see from the picture taken from the Nails Inc website below.

As with most Nails Inc polishes, it goes on smoothly and lasts around 5 days without a topcoat before it looks tatty. I used 2 coats, as always!

Is it just me or are you guys always on the lookout for that perfect red nail polish too?

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