Wednesday 15 February 2012

This is how I Graze...

Some people might think that the Graze boxes are full of nuts and seeds, but they’re not; they’re full of some seriously tasty and pretty low calories treats too. I don’t know many people who get them everyday, most people have them once a week as a bit of a pick me up. First off, here's the box. So far, so natural. I love a bit of good branding.

In case you were wondering, here are the contents of mine from last week: Super Berry Detox, Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack, Korean Chilli Rice Crackers and Toffee Apple. This was probably the best box I’ve ever had (notice the lack of seeds). The berries were really nice, way more interesting than raisins. The flapjacks are all gorgeous and I’ve never seen the flavours they do in the supermarkets. The rice crackers weren’t too spicy and were so good I went and bought some more from my local Holland & Barrett. Lastly, the Toffee Apple is just inspired. It’s actually not too unhealthy and is just dehydrating apple with a tiny bit of toffee sauce. All in all, really tasty! It's worth noting that the packaging is gorgeous, recycled paper, very cute descriptions and a handy leaflet with the nutritional information on it make for a really well thought out box.

If you are thinking of signing up, I'd definitely recommend that you take the time to rate the products to make sure you don't get anything you're really going to hate. For me, that's coconut, it has been slated and that means I won't ever get any in my boxes! If I'm honest, it is a bit much to have all the time. If I could I'd love to have one a week but as it is, I stop and start quite a lot depending on when  think I'll be around to use it. That's another big bonus, that you can cancel your deliveries at any time and restart them too. With me, it even kept all my details the next time I started my deliveries.

Verdict: Give it a try! It's free (well one is!), pretty healthy, super tasty, and if it stops you snacking on a bar of Cadburys it must be a good thing!

What's inside? 

Do you guys subscribe? What are your favourites?!

P.S – If you’d like to try a Graze Box for yourself, why not use the code N267HY6 to get a FREE box! Before anyone says anything, then yes, if you do use the code I get a discount on mine.

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  1. The toffee apple is mind blowingly amazing. And I love all of the flapjacks. The black pepperdoms are delicious and I have the rice crackers coming in my box tomorrow so I'm looking forward to them now. They are definitely worth it and I love getting mine :)