Sunday 5 February 2012

Product Review: Soap & Glory body products

I’m sure you’re all completely au fait with Soap & Glory, but that’s not going to stop me posting it! It’s all about how you use it, or something like that, and I’ve come up with a pretty good routine that leaves my skin smelling so scrummy that it seems a shame to cover it up with perfume.

First up, Clean On Me, (described as a creamy clarifying shower gel). This was actually the first product I ever tried from Soap & Glory when I borrowed some from a housemate (sorry!) but I did buy my own immediately! It feels so luxurious on, lathers moderately well (could do better) but smells gorgeous (apparently that’s their own Original Pink fragrance).

Next is Pulp Friction (foamy fruity body scrub).  Although I do think this is really good for general areas and backs of arms, it isn’t as effective on tougher areas such as thighs. It foams up really well and has different sized grains inside which aren't too harsh. It does work however but I’m still looking for my Holy Gail scrub and I’ve bought The Breakfast Scrub (also Soap & Glory) to try out as  it was recommended in the Look Beauty Awards 2011.

I’ve previously used Scrub Actually which is full of sugar grains and really feels like it’s buffing away dead skin cells as it’s quite tough. I prefer the smell of Scrub Actually (more sugary) although Pulp Fiction is lovely too (more fruity).

Last but not least is The Righteous Butter (body butter).  I’m a big fan of body butters and usually use The Body Shop’s Shea Body Butter for the long lasting moisturising effects and gorgeous scent, which is almost cocoa but not as sickly.  I prefer to use body lotions in summer though as they’re lighter but never perfumed body lotions as they usually smell so synthetic and the ones you get free with perfume sets are rarely good quality.

This however is possibly better depending on what fragrance I feel like using! It’s soft, sumptuous, tick like triple whipped cream and goes on really easily. It’s absorbed quite quickly (I usually wait about 5 minutes before getting dressed) and is the last stage of my three stage Soap & Glory body routine.

What do you guys think of Soap & Glory? What are your favourite products? I’d love to hear your recommendations and try them out too!


  1. i like pulp friction but the bits are a nightmare to get out the bath!


  2. I use it in the shower but it does mean that everything gets washed away if you're not careful. Thank you for commenting, have just seen your blog and I'm in love with that new Nails Inc glitter colour Marylebone. Looks like you started your blog recently, good to meet another newbie! x

  3. awesome review! I'm a new google friend follower. You have such a cool blog and I ADORE your logo :) :)
    follow back? :D

  4. Thank you!! I've just been on your blog, am now on GFC. Well done on the sponsor, that's a very impressive feat. You've reminded me that I reaaaally need to do an outfit post!