Friday 27 January 2012

A Belated Christmas Present Post

So how's this for a super late Christmas post? Hate to join the party late but better late than never.

Here's a few pictures of my wonderful gifts. Plenty of beauty bits in there as all my beauty products ran out just before Christmas so it was a good opportunity to stock up.

L-R - Top - Versace Bright Crystal, Clarins Hand and Nail Cream, Per Una Perfume. Bottom - M&S polka dot and bow cosmetics bag, Bare Minerals Foundation, Benefit Powda Wowza.

Now 80, Vintage Fashion Source Book, Hotel Chocolat chocolates

Origins Never a Dull Moment, Make a Difference, High potency Night a Mins, Drink Up Mask, Modern Friction (the mask and exfoliator were from ebay but thought I'd show you the whole lot for good measure)

Love cushion, Cath Kidston fabric cushion, scented hearts

Powda Wowza close up (Coralista, Bella Bamba, Hoola)


  1. Ooo I really want Powda Wowza! How you finding it? x

  2. It's good! The powders are a bit too close to one another though so they're getting a bit mixed up. Love the Coralista, Bella Bamba is a touch too pinky and Hoola is a bit 2D. How's that for a super quick product review?! Love your blog, have just discovered it.

  3. Im a massive fan of origins skincare! Checks and balances, Ginzing eye cream, vitazing moisturiser and the super spot remover are my faces!


  4. Same! Look out for the Origins skincare review coming up. Need to get the GinZing though I hear it's amazing. Does the super s.r work?

  5. Aw, what lovely presents :) I especially like the pillows & scented candles - I'm obsessed with homeware! I got cupcake scented candles for Christmas & made the fatal mistake of lighting them; they melted within minutes! :(

    Natalie x

  6. Thank you, I am a lucky lady. I've just spent about an hour reading your blog, fabulous outfits and very good taste in quirky and animal jewellery! Check out, would be happy to do a giveaway with you!