Monday 30 January 2012

Accessorize Nail Polish Review – Indian Ocean & Tuscan Clay

So here’s the first ever Bella & Robot nail polish review! I’m sure that there will be plenty as I’ve recently become a nail polish fiend. As much as I’ve always loved them, I’m starting to feel a bit more experimental with colours and there’s so many great effects out there now I can’t wait to try them all.

First off, the colour. It’s fantastic, a really lush deep ocean blue which is exactly what it promises to be. It went on really easily, with a good smooth consistency. I used a Rimmel clear polish as a base coat and needed two coats to get an even colour. So far I’ve had it on for nearly a week and hasn’t chipped at all.

This is the first time that I’ve tried to do my nails professionally, by which I mean without touching the edges. I watched this tutorial on YouTube and decided to try it out. I do think it looks more professional this way (although it is more time consuming and I won’t be doing it every time) so thank you to Miss Jen Fabulous for the tip.

For the price (£4 usually, £2 in the sale) and quality of this I’m really impressed. It’s also a really good size at 10ml. I couldn’t find this shade online but you might get lucky and find it in store. I’ll definitely be trying out a few more shades and letting you know. I tried to find a dupe for you and the closest I could find is OPI Blue My Mind.

On the downside, after I did this review I tried to take it off and it left my hands and nails a blue green colour all over! It took 3 more attempts with nail polish remover and one more with lemon juice to get back to something resembling healthy!!

I did however have more luck with Tuscan Clay. It had a slightly thicker consistency, went on well, lasted a week before it started to wear away at the cuticle and came off without any drama. It's a really wearable shade, perfect for light tan skin colours as a beige nude rather than a pink nude. Excuse the ragged nails! The colour is similar to Nails Inc Caramel.

Have any of you tried Accessorize Nail Polishes? What did you think? 


  1. I love that blue colour! It looks so shiny!!! I have never tried an Accessorize polish before. I think I might have too!


  2. Thanks for commenting! It's so gorgeous, it's almost worth the removal nightmare to keep wearing it. I might have to look for a Nails Inc (or similar) dupe. But they do have some gorgeous colours, definitely worth investigating. Saw your post on macaroons, can you please make some so I can drool?!