Saturday 1 September 2018

Food review: Wok to Walk

We Brummies are spoiled for choice when it comes to Chinese and Pan Asian food. There's a whole host of authentic restaurants and eateries to choose from, including Wok to Walk.

Located on New Street, Wok to Walk is new to the city but big worldwide. With stores in London, Bristol and beyond, they're an international brand that's all the more distinctive for their bright orange boxes.

I rocked up after work to try out this new noodle bar. With a great central location, there's no denying the lunchtime and after work appeal of this place. With room inside to sit and eat at a bar and a full view of the flaming hot woks used to cook up every dish, it's welcoming and entertaining in here. With plenty of wood features there also the ability to charge your phone wirelessly or the old fashioned way.

Behind the counter, there are large menu boards explaining the Wok to Walk concept. Every single dish is made up fresh to order. At the bar, the deli style fridge shows you everything that's on offer, from meat to mushrooms, so that you can decide what to put in your bespoke box.

Diners first choose a base of noodle, grain or vegetable mix. There's plenty of options here from rice noodles to whole grain rice to make it as healthy as you like. Next, you can pick from part two of the menu, which covers meat, tofu and vegetables, each of which is individually priced and advised at no more than four. Finally, pick your sauce, all of which are free, and add toppings if you like for an additional fee.

The simplest option is a base and sauce, which comes in at a bargain price of £3.95 for a box stuffed full of healthy but filling options. Once you start to add meat and veg, the price goes up, but everything is clearly priced up.

The best part is that they're great for anyone with dietary requirements.  Vegetarian? No Problem hold the meat. Vegan? Try to vegetables and rice. For me, this was great as I could create a dish that was perfect for me and there was plenty of dietary information around to help me make the right choice.

I picked a whole grain rice box with Koh Tao sauce (green curry) along with prawns, shitake mushrooms, pak choi, broccoli and bamboo shoots, topped off with coriander for colour. I added a bottle of Coke Zero (not so healthy I know) too.

Watching my dish being made up was great fun, as everything is portioned out using scoops that only touch one ingredient making it great for cross contamination control.

Your items are then put into a bowl and handed to the chef who cooks everything up super quickly on hot woks.

Finally, its put back into the box and ready to eat.

My portion was absolutely huge, and I was impressed from not just the cross contamination and dietary requirements side, but also from the portions which are more than generous. My meal was hot, filling and pretty spicy, making it perfect for a hearty meal on the go.

Overall, I'd highly recommend Wok to Walk. Fast, filling and fresh, don't forget to drop by the next time you're around.

*With thanks to Wok to Walk and East Village for the complimentary meal.

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