Thursday 9 March 2017

Event: Pizza Making at Bardolino Birmingham with a Gluten-Free twist

If you're gluten-free or gluten-reducing, you'll know that pizza eating isn't always as simple as dialling up the nearest pizza place and picking your favourite topping. Instead, it's a carefully considered decision based around strategically identifying the nearest or best gluten free pizza provider and hoping your dining companions will agree to go along with your decision.

However, Bardolino Birmingham has come to the rescue, and as well as being popular for it's standard pizza's, is also offering gluten-free pizza for all you gluten-free girls!

I was invited along to a pizza making class at the canalside restaurant recently, where we were able to roll, toss and sprinkle our way to pizza joy.

When we arrived at Bardolino, we were able to prepare for our pizza making session and really get in the mood by donning chef's hats and some very classy navy and white striped aprons to keep our togs flour free.

In the middle of the room, the table was laid and laden with all manner of pizza toppings including mushrooms, spinach, salami and bresola as well as cheese and passata of course.

The team were really accommodating, and explained that although I was welcome to roll and throw my own normal pizza along with the rest of the group, when it came to eating, the chefs would prepare my gluten-free base in the kitchen to ensure there was no cross contamination.

Once we had taken our places at our stations, each place had a fresh ball of pizza dough ready to be kneaded. Our teacher showed us exactly how to mould out the dough, tease it out into a round pizza shape and finally, throw it! I only managed a very small throw for fear of it ending up on the floor!

Step 1 - Dough ball

Step 2 - Tease out the dough into a circle

Step 3 - Throw it!

Step 4 - Add passata

Step 5 - Add cheese

Step 6 - The final product (nearly)

Now onto the toppings, we were like children in a candy store! With so many fresh toppings to choose from, it was tough to decide exactly what to put on my pizza. In the end, I decided to go for symmetry and added spinach, tomato and prosciutto.

This one was just for show however, and my pizza was expertly made in the kitchen and featured spinach, mushroom, bresola beef and an egg in the middle.

Finally, after all that hard work, we were able to sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labour; don't worry, the pizza I made did not go to waste! My gluten-free pizza was delicious, very crispy, light and the ingredients were delicious and high quality.

I had a great time making pizza with the Birmingham bloggers and would definitely come back again.

*With thanks to Bardolino.

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