Thursday 12 January 2017

Food Review: Brunch Menu Launch at Mughli, Selfridges Birmingham

Happy New Year! Welcome to my first post of 2017. First up is a peek at the brand new Brunch menu launching at Mughli Market in Selfridges, Birmingham.

What does an Indian style brunch entail, you may ask? At Mughli market, the new weekend brunch menu includes classics such as French Toast and Omelettes with an Indian twist, alongside more traditional Indian dishes such as Keema Pau and Mango Lassi.

Serving up mughlai cuisine from the northern regions of India and Pakistan, the brunch menu covers the expected (tea, coffee and capuccino), the luxurious (mimosa) and even the unexpected (thums up indian cola).

Food wise, there's plenty to choose from. Feeling virtuous? There's lashing of thick, creamy yoghurt served with fresh fruit fingers and a passionfruit coulis on the menu. Delicious and healthy, this is a great choice if you're starting off the year on a healthy high.

Hungry for something with a kick? Try the Keema Pau, a hot hit of lamb keema served with or without a fried egg on a fresh bun. Filled to the brim, this is a great options for the hungry diner, and the egg is a great, cooling addition.

The French Toast is served sprinkled with icing sugar alongside a delicious serving of apricot jam, whilst the Chilli Cheese Toast is spicy but sweet thanks to the hidden layer of chilli jam hidden beneath the melted cheese.

Another option for anyone with an appetite is the Keralan Roll. Chunks of light and crispy fried chicken drizzled with raita on a toasted bun, served with or without a fried egg, make this an acceptable fried chicken brunch choice.

Whilst you're there, there's no excuse not to treat yourself to a Mimosa or Mango Lassi to complete the experience.

If you're heading into the city with friends, I'd suggest ordering a few dishes and sharing to make it a real experience.

Brunch in Birmingham with a twist? Mughli has it covered.

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