Monday 23 May 2016

Food Review: Friday Evening's at Opus

Opus is considered to be one of Birmingham's premier restaurants. With a focus on fresh, sustainable produce, direct from the producer since opening in 2009, these guys were way ahead of the sustainability game.

The original restaurant on Cornwall Street is well known for hosting the Dinner Series, where diners can meet the supplier and talk produce over dinner.

What's new, however, is Friday Evening's at Opus. A more relaxed affair than the Dinner Series or of course the Kitchen Table, Friday Evening's at Opus is a new concept menu that celebrates local and sustainable produce. Serving two courses, half a bottle of wine and homemade bread for £25, it's a great way for guests to get to know Opus.

Before we sat down, we were treated to some canapes; Bhajis and Chorizo. We played a fun game where each canape contained a cocktail stick and a question, which is a great idea for a dinner party.

We also took a tour of the kitchen, including the famed Kitchen Table, and had a chat with head chef Ben Ternent. Ben walked us through the kitchen, explaining how there are six sections to progress through, from vegetable prep to sauce and finally meat and fish.

Following our tour, it was time to take our seats at the table. Fresh bread baskets made an appearance and the wine glasses were filled with either house red or white. I was also served my very own piece of warm gluten free bread.

From a choice of slow roasted tomato soup, smoked buttermilk or whipped Rosary goat's cheese, heritage tomato and English radish salad, baby watercress, grape dressing, I chose the salad.

The most noticeable thing about this dish was how incredibly fresh everything on the plate was. The radish, as well as being a) huge and b) whole, was crisp and crunchy, which worked well with the creamy goats cheese. Everything on my plate was fresh, clean, and crisp and a testament to the quality of the sourcing. The colours danced on the plate and the flavours danced on my palette. Can you spot the flower in my dish?

Pork Fillet

Beetroot Risotto

Next, from the main course options of Free range Suffolk pork cutlet, wholegrain mustard mash, caramelised apples, fillet of day boat market fish, fricasse of asparagus, potatoes and wild garlic, and lastly, Evesham beetroot risotto, crispy Ragstone ash goat's cheese, I chose the fish. This happened to be cod on the day, but can of course change.

The fish was so perfectly cooked, with a crisp skin and flaky inside, that I had to stop myself from devouring this too quickly. The vegetables were simple but delicious, but we could have done with an extra side portion of vegetables and potatoes.

There were also vegetarian and vegan options available on the vegetarian menu on the reverse. Here's a picture of Natasha from Nutella Tasha's main. 

Alas, this was the end of the meal, but I did take a picture of dessert. From the options of peanut and caramel delice and ice cream and sorbet, my sweet toothed companions all opted for the peanut delice.

Service throughout the meal was attentive, with regular top ups of wine and water. It was also extremely swift, making it a great option for Friday night diners who are looking for a meal in the city before heading home to the 'burbs.

The quality of the food we ate was fantastic, and the dishes were as fresh as if they'd just been picked on the farm. This standout quality of the food, alongside the service and beautiful modern, calm interior are all points in favour of the restaurant. My only recommendation? It would be good to see a three course meal option on the menu to satisfy the appetites of even the hungriest of diners.

With thanks to the team at Opus for taking such good care of us.

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  1. Wow this post has made feel hungry haha. The little question flags are such a good idea! I'm from Birmingham too and this place seems to be great, definitely on my list to visit :) So glad I stumbled onto your blog, love your food reviews! Just followed you on Bloglovin ;) xx