Friday 18 December 2015

Festive Tipples - Soft drink ideas from Heartsease Farm

Christmas is scarily close now and with just under a week to go, the celebrations are well and truly underway!

The lovely people at Heartsease Farm got in touch to showcase some of their delicious drinks and I really wanted to show that there is an alternative to the hard stuff!

Whether you're driving, working or just don't need the alcohol, Heartsease Farm has a range of luxurious sparkling drinks that are just as indulgent, without the hangover.

As well as the sparkling Apple and Rhubarb and Fiery Ginger Beer flavours, they've also released a special Spiced Winter Cranberry flavour too.

I really loved the Cranberry flavour, and the fact that it's sparkling really did make it feel like a luxurious drink in itself, no compromise. Simply serve over ice in a decadent crystal glass.

There are plenty of ways to make your own cocktails too,  for example, by adding a cinnamon stick, cloves, star anise, cranberries and orange slices and heating through.

Alternatively, there's a great alcoholic cocktail you could try using the Fiery Ginger Beer, where you simply pour 50ml spiced rum and the Fiery Ginger Beer into a glass and garnish with a star anise and wedge of lime into a champagne coupe.


Have you got any ideas for a great non alcoholic Heartsease Farm cocktail?

*This post contains PR samples

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  1. The cranberry sounds lovely! I'll have that with some vodka please.