Sunday 18 October 2015

Dermalogica Facial at Selfridges Birmingham

A few weeks ago I was invited to an evening with Dermalogica at Selfridges Birmingham to meet with an expert dermatologist and try out a Microzone treatment.

In case you're not familiar with Dermalogica, the brand is best known for its Face Mapping technique, whereby the face is divided into 14 zones. Each zone is assessed for redness, dehydration, breakout activity, congestion and redness, and treatments and products are then tailored to your specific skin concerns.

I arrived for my appointment and filled in a questionnaire to discover more about my skin concerns and skin type.

My therapist, Dal, then tailored my facial based on these results. 

After laying down on the couch, Dal got to work on clearing up my skin and applied a Pre Cleanse followed by Ultracalming Cleanser. Dal also used the Daily Microfoliant, (one of my favourite Dermalogica products) Ultracalming Mist, Skin Smoothing Cream, Ultracalming Serum Concentrate and also the Overnight Clearning Gel to help clear my blemishes. 

As a result of my redness and congestion concerns, my treatment also included the use of the galvanic machine in order to help cleanse the pores. I've never had a galvanic facial before and was a little hesitant as I was told to hold onto a metal bar before a special pre-treatment gel was applied over my face that has a negative charge. 

The device was run over my face and thankfully, I couldn't feel the low voltage current on my skin! 

At the end of my treatment, I sat down with Dal and she went through the recommended products for my skin and I was also able to take away sample of some of these to try at home.

After my facial, my skin was smooth and not as red as skin can be. One thing I also noticed was how much firmer my skin was around my cheeks especially. The reason why? Galvanic facials are also used to smooth and tighten skin. Result! Will I be back again? Yes, if I can get an appointment as they are so in demand.

*Thank you to Dermalogica Selfridges Birmingham for my complimentary treatment

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