Wednesday 16 September 2015

Review: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Before and After using Irresistible Me hair extensions - unretouched!

With Irresistible Me hair extensions

Can you believe I am one of the few people to have never actually used hair extensions until now?

Hair extensions were once a celeb secret, but thanks to easy to use products such as clip in extensions, it's easy to recreate the look at home.

Although I had considered using extensions before, I'd never taken the plunge until Irresistible Me offered me the opportunity to try out their product.

At first, I had to select the right shade for my hair and the right length too. After watching their tutorials (you can watch their helpful videos here) I selected the Royal Remy in Chocolate Brown 18inch extensions in 200g which retail at $279 (the 140g version is slightly less at $219).

Many people think that hair extensions are for length only, but that's far from the case! Hair extensions can also be used to add volume to hair and this is exactly what I was looking for as I have quite long hair anyway.

What they say

Irresistible Me call Royal Remy their premium line of clip in extensions. It's made with 100% human remy hair and they use a special treatment to add extra silkiness and durability.

What's in the Box?

The product arrived super fast by FedEx and came in a very stylish black cardboard box. Inside the box, the hair is hygienically sealed into foil. One side is a sample piece for you to colour match against your hair, the other side includes the full set of hair.

Both sides are sealed and it's worth mentioning that you can open the sample side, check for length and colour, and if you need a different set return the set as long as the main section hasn't been opened.

The length is the same length as my natural hair and the colour is a fantastic match for my natural hair colour too. 

In total, you'll receive:

1 x 4 clip piece
2 x 3 clip pieces
5 x 2 clip pieces
2 x 1 clip pieces

The hair wefts have already been sewn together along with the clips so there is no hard work required! I've heard from some friends that you can buy extensions that need to be sewn before use but thankfully Irresistible Me does the hard work for you.

I also received three extra clips as spares. 

The hair quality was really good and the hair was lovely and silky smooth.

What you'll need

A sectioning comb
A hair brush
Hair clips (bulldog clips!)

How to use

Before I started sectioning off my hair, I firstly laid out all the pieces in front of me in order. This really helps keep you organised!

Now, brush through your own hair, pick out a 3-clip weft and brush through. 

Starting from the bottom of your head, section off the main section of your hair at the back of your head leaving just a small, thin section at the base of your neck. Clip in the 3-clip at the top of this section close to your head, middle clip first, then the left and right clips next. Separate another thin section of hair above the clipped in piece and repeat with a 3-clip. 

Now for the 4 clip. This is the biggest piece of hair and goes in about halfway across the head just above the ears. Section as before, and clip in.

Onto the sides of the head. Start sectioning thin sections at the side of the head, this is where to place the 2 clip wefts, with the 1 clips wefts going above them, above the ear (just remember, 2, 1). 

And that's it! 

The result

With the clips in, the result was full and natural looking hair that blended in with my own tresses. I've left them natural but you can style, wash and condition the hair as normal.

What do you guys think? Do you use hair extensions?

*This post contains PR samples


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