Friday 7 August 2015

Food Review: Marco's New York Italian Kenilworth - Afternoon Tea

Following a lovely meal at Marcos Kenilworth with the blogging gals, I was given the opportunity to come back to this gorgeous town and instead try out the afternoon tea menu.

Launched at the beginning of July, the afternoon tea is a recent addition to the lunch and dinner service offered at Marco's New York Italian Kenilworth. 

Sam, the Restaurant Manager, greeted us and made us welcome in the restaurant and offered us a cup of tea to start with. Impressively, we were offered a tea menu with no less than nine teas to choose from. From black teas to herbal teas and green tea, we sniffed out teas from around the world before coming to our decision. I opted for English Breakfast, being the traditionalist that I am, although I would have liked to have tried the Champagne Sencha and Vanilla Roobis; alas I needed the caffeine! The Champagne Sencha smelt exactly like Champagne despite being alcohol free and the Vanilla Roobis had a lovely rich, sweet scent. All of the teas are sourced from a local supplier in Wootten Wawen and were picked out by the team at Marco's Kenilworth which adds an authenticity to the offer.

Without further ado, we were presented with a three tiered stand full to the brim with cakes, scones and sandwiches. Of course, my selection was slightly different to everyone else's as it was Gluten Free, so here goes. The three types of sandwiches were cucumber, smoked salmon and cream cheese and ham and dijon mustard. I had two half sandwiches of each which makes a mammoth three sandwiches in total. The smoked salmon was my favourite as the salmon quality was so good and there was a good thick layer of cream cheese with it too. This was served on white bread.

Onto the next layer, the scone layer. This was my favourite layer of all! Sandwiches are lovely, and I actually don't eat sandwiches too often as I find them a bit much for everyday and try to eat rice and salad at lunch. Desserts are always fun but at the end of the day, there are so few places to get a really lovely Gluten Free scones.

Afternoon Tea

Gluten Free Afternoon Tea

My scones was fruity and served with lashings of clotted cream and strawberry jam. The best part of the scone was not just the taste but the texture too. At one bite I could tell these scones were different. The secret? The scones are finished off in a pizza oven which makes them so crispy on the outside! Helen had a plain scone whilst mine was a sultana scone.

Finally, the dessert layer. We were both treated to a mini version of a dessert from the A La Carte menu, the Vanilla Panna Cotta. With a sweet vanilla cream and tart fruity raspberry top, this was a delightful, not too sweet dessert. I was also treated to something else from the A La Carte menu, the Melting Chocolate Truffle Cake. If you read my previous post on Marco's New York Italian Kenilworth, you will have seen that I raved about this dessert. Gluten free desserts shouldn't have to be a compromise and here, they haven't sacrificed a thing to create this mountain of soft truffled chocolate. 

The Afternoon Tea menu is available to view here and starts at a very reasonable £15.95. You could always add prosecco or champagne for a special occasion for £20 and £25 respectively. Booking is advised but not required and I would definitely recommend booking if you are Gluten Free.

Thank you to the team at Marco's Kenilworth for looking after us!

There is also an extra bonus to this post, an outfit photo courtesy of Helen from Positive Fridays. I finally jumped on the sleevless jacket bandwagon, what do you think!? Shall I get a few more?

I was invited to dine at Marco's New York Italian Kenilworth as a guest of the restaurant in exchange for an honest review.

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