Monday 9 March 2015

Event: Air Optix Colors - Coloured Contact Lenses

I was recently invited along to the Bullring by Air Optix Colors to try out their new range of coloured contact lenses.

Held just outside Debenhams, the Air Optix stand was buzzing with people all intrigued to see what coloured contacts can do.

I have to admit, I'd never considered changing my eye colour as it's something that I consider to be non-changeable. However, coloured contacts make changing your eye colour as easy as changing your lipstick!

I was greeted at the stand by Olivia and the team from Air Optix and met their lovely stylist who talked me through the Colour Studio. The Colour Studio was an interactive TV where you could try out different coloured lenses and make up looks on screen after taking a picture of yourself and loading it up. You can also use the handy colour chart to find your perfect shade by looking at your existing eye and hair colour. There are lots of options and I played around with them until finding my favourite, Gemstone Green.

You can go for either a subtle or striking eye colour. The Subtle Colour choices were Pure Hazel, Blue, Green, Gray and Brown and the Vibrant Colour choices were Honey, Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green and Sterling Gray.

Ting getting an eye check

Next, we got to try on the contact lenses. Jonathan gave my eyes a quick check and once he was happy that everything was looking healthy we went ahead with the trial. Even though I am a contact lens wearer I let Jonathan put the contacts in as I didn't want to risk dropping them!

The Opticians Chair

They took no time at all to put in and they felt just like normal contact lenses. After everyone had a chance to see the lenses, I went over to the mirror to see for myself. I was surprised to see how natural the Gemstone Green looked with my colouring, as with my dark hair I didn't think they'd blend in so well!

I was then treated to a little eye makeover which was such a treat. I loved the colours the MUA artist used and took a few pictures of the beautiful MAC palettes. 

Eye Makeover

MAC Palette

One of the great things about trying out coloured contacts is that it lets you try out new eye colours to complement your new eye colour.  As I had green contacts in, we used some lovely mauve tones as green eyes work really well with both plum, violet and pink colours and warm earthy colours like brown and beige. Had I gone for brown, soft muted colours such as gold and bronze would have looked lovely, whilst blue looks great with terracotta brown and apricot colours or even lilac for a striking look. 

Gemstone Green

Adding colour to your eyes is just one way to look stylish, and stylist Beth Goodrham has also compiled a trend report for Air Optix to help work in your eye colour with the rest of your outfit. Some of her tips for AW15 were to use bright shoes and bags to introduce colour into your wardrobe and lift your outfit and to use a bright colour on your top or bottom half to draw emphasis to your best bits. Good life advice guys!

I was then offered a trial with a different colour so I went for one that looked really subtle. Honey is a gorgeous amber colour and I thought these looked really natural with my hair and skintone.

Gemstone Green and Honey

It was really interesting trying out new eye colours and it really "opened my eyes' (sorry I had to!) to the way that contact lenses can be used as part of your beauty routine. I would never have thought to try out coloured contacts before but they are so affordable.  Why not try out a new eye colour for a night out when it costs no more than a blow dry for a pair of monthly's? It's a lot less permanent than changing your hair colour and means you can experiment with different make up colours too!

Gemstone Green and Honey

Air Optix coloured contact lenses are available at Specsavers and good news for any prescription wearing ladies and gents, they come in both prescription and non prescription lenses! You can even drop in for a free trial at your local branch.

Thank you so much to the Air Optix team for the trial and for the treats including this beatiful MAC lipstick in Diva Glam 1! 

*I was invited to the Air Optix stand as a guest of Air Optix, although the experience and stand was also open to the public.

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