Wednesday 8 October 2014

Event: Kirsty Lo Birthday Party

Kirsty Lo is not one to do things by halves.  When it came to her birthday and the launch of her website,, Kirsty pulled out all the stops and hosted a bash at the Marco Pieree White, Laurent Perrier Champagne Bar in The Cube, Birmingham.

One of the most glamorous venues in Birmingham, the glam Take Me Out star hosted an evening celebration and even had the Mayor of Birmingham make a speech!

As the party was in such a fabulous location I couldn't let the side down so went for this little monochrome body con number. Needless to say it's the tightest dress I've ever worn!!

Here's a few pictures from the event with Anita from Delicious PR.

A big thank you to Kirsty Lo and Happy Birthday to you lovely! Also, a big thanks to Karen Julia Photography for taking pictures on the evening. To see all the pictures from the night click here

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