Wednesday 19 February 2014

Balmi Moisturising Lip Balm Raspberry Flavour Review

My fab friends got me this for my birthday last year and I've just got round to opening it. Tut tut!

Balmi Moisturising Lip Balm available here 

The Hype
Everyone's been talking about Eos and whilst these are still difficult to get hold of in the UK, Balmi is available in your nearest Boots.

"Your Lips are constantly on show to the world around you and you want them look good and feel protected against the elements. Fully tested, the Balmi Lip Balm provides SPF 15 and UVA protection making Balmi the essential accessory for your lips; whether you're off to school, out on the piste or just off for a leisurely stroll protect your Lips with Balmi. GO Balmi! The Balmi Lip Balm has the perfect blend of ingredients to give your lips long lasting daily care and protection. Perfect for even sensitive skin.

Our special blend of natural goodness contains antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, soothing Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to help leave your lips moisturised, soft and super smooth.

If you love WOW flavours on your Lips then you have come to the right brand; go Balmi and enjoy life! Balmi Lip Balm flavours have been designed to be perfect for every occasion and personality:
Available in: Strawberry,Coconut, Mint * with added tingle and Raspberry.

How to Use

Balmi's new cubed balm enables superb ease of application when you are on the move.
Saving you faffing and fiddling to dip in your finger and contaminating you Lip Balm pot or tin."

The Verdict
First off, I adore this shape. Ok, so the actual cube itself might be a little bulky, but at least you'll be able to find it in your handbag.  Secondly, that colour. Again, I'm always searching for things in my handbag and anything like this bright pink makes life a little easier. Also, it's a really soft, tactile surface which I also love.

I think the old packaging was round like the Eos, but hey it's a cube now! It also has a tiny little cord to attach it to your phone etc; cute.

As for the actual product, I don't know if you can see from the pictures but once you unscrew the lid, the actual lip balm is in a pointed, pyramid shape. As weird as it looks it is actually really easy to use without the need for messy fingers.

As soon as you open it up you can smell the raspberry too, which is so strong but lovely.

A clear, shiny product, the amount of moisture this delivers is incredible. As soon as it slides on you feel the hydration and it literally feels like air. 

With vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil as well as SPF 15, this is a nourishing product too and a great handbag staple at just £5.

Now onto the hard part, which flavour to get next?

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