Saturday 7 September 2013

Little White Lie Tanning Lotion - Make Believe Beauty

In truth, I'm not much of a fake tanner. Besides a few unsuccessful attempts at using 99p mousse when I was younger (which left me looking like a patchy mess) I've generally avoided the tan.

That's not to say that I'm not open to giving it another shot though and so, here we have Little White Lie* tanning lotion in shade lighter.

Little White Lie Tanning Lotion available here

What is it?

A tanning lotion with argan oil

How much does it cost?

£12.50 for 125ml.

What does it claim to do?

"This quick & easy to apply Little White Lie Tanning Lotion allows you to get an instant colour whilst the tan continues to develop underneath.

How to Use

Prepare your skin with Little White Lie Exfoliator then apply tan to well moisturised skin. For best results either use a mitt or gloves and make sure you wash your hands after applying."

The verdict

The key to successful fake tanning is all in the preparation so I'm told. A thorough exfoliation followed by a moisturiser all over is the best way to get a streak and patch free tan.

I skipped the exfoliator and headed straight for the moisturiser after showering, left it to dry and then smoothed this all over my skin with my hands, which I then washed straight away (it does say to use a mitt). I tried not to use it excessively as that's one way to avoid streaks! The scent is rather nice and not as biscuity as self tan can be.

The white lotion goes on clear then develops throughout the day. It sank in quickly, didn't leave any stickiness and after a few hours I saw a little hint of colour come through which is probably due to the fact that I needed a shade darker! However, there were no lines anywhere which means that the colour did go on evenly even though I didn't use a mitt or an exfoliator beforehand. Result!

Overall, I'd say this is a really convenient, foolproof, easy to use product for either fake tan beginners or someone looking for a subtle tan. If used a few times a week I'm prety sure you could maintain a natural looking glow. The shade lighter is definitley best for pale and porcelain skins so anyone darker should definitely go for the shade Darker. A lovely subtle colour rather than an atomic glow so not for tan addicts!

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