Saturday 15 June 2013

Outfit Post: Shiny leggings and a horse print shirt

Matalan shirt / Primark leggings / Select flatform shoes

What’s this I see? An outfit post? I’m so bad at doing outfit posts. I’m quite good at remembering to take the pictures but getting the posts up is a different story.

Anyway, onto the post. I’ve had this shirt for a while and only just got round to wearing it. Originally I photographed it with black skinny jeans but I ended up pairing it with my shiny Primark leggings and new black velour flatforms from Select. The outfit was a bargain and came to under £50 for the shirt, leggings and shoes.

This is such a versatile outfit that I wore for dinner, drinks and shopping in the daytime and got a few compliments for the shirt even. I love the print, it’s got little horses all over it!

Do you like this background? Colourful!

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