Sunday 19 May 2013

H and M Basics and Neon Earrings Haul

Everybody needs a few basics in their wardrobe. Whether it’s that perfect pair of skinny jeans or go anywhere black blazer, they’re the backbone of every good look.

The T Shirt has got to be the king of wardrobe staples.  It has to be plain, for me a loose fit makes it easy to wear, whilst a detail like a pocket or zip makes it a little more interesting.

These ones from H&M fit the bill perfectly. Slouchy, not too thick to make them heavy but not so thin as to be see through. They’re so good I bought them in black, grey and navy.

The flirty black and white polka dot skirt are also from H&M and were a steal! 

The navy blue TOMS style pumps were from an independent store and I thought they'd go really well with the t shirt and skirt as a super casual outfit.

As for the silver buckle bracelet, I just couldn't help myself, especially as I've been lusting after this one from Mulberry!

The harem pants are not such an essential, but at £7.99 I thought I’d give them a go, just as soon as I can figure out what to wear them with. Maybe a pair of high top trainers.

Onto the best part, these neon earrings! I have such a neon jewellery obsession at the moment, I love how it instantly picks up an outfit and drags it into fashion territory. I’ll be doing my best Pat Butcher impression with these.

What are your wardrobe staples?

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