Sunday 28 April 2013

#BrumBloggerMeet – Saturday 20th April

Last Saturday Chloe from Unwritten Hollywood, Hayley from Strangeness and Charm and Sarah from Pretty in Pink organised the #brumbloggermeet and I was lucky enough to get an invite!

We met up in Starbucks and I’m sure the staff were overwhelmed to see a group of over thirty girls swarming in!  Here we got to say hello, meet everyone and chip in for presents for our wonderful organisers. A few girls headed out shopping before meeting back at Selfridges for a talk and tour of the fashion on Level 2. From here we got some free time to go shopping and headed over to the Mac counter and Mac pro store and got some bubble tea from Moo Cha.

Sadly I had to leave the girls here to go to work whilst they went to Bar Room Bar for food, drink, quizzes and a talk from John Lewis and Bohdi UK. I was so gutted to miss it but I did meet up with them afterwards quickly.

LeighChloe and Hayley

It was great to meet you all especially Hayley, Alice and Heidi; I just wish I could have stayed for longer and got to know everybody better! Fingers crossed for the next one but for now I’ll leave you with a few pictures.

You should definitely check out Hayley’s post for her vlog featuring Bubble Tea.

Here's a list of everyone who came - sorry if I've left anyone out, the list changed a little last minute!

Carmen - @CarmsBabes
Heidi - @Heidi_likes
Sophie - @sophie_mellish
Feyi - @UtUBlog
Laura - @Lauraxamyx
Sophie - @pocockins
Amy - @amylovesdaniel
Dani - @dani_johanna
Terri - @helloterrilowe
Char - @dinoprincesschar
Victoria - @victoriajane6
Amy - @teacupcocktails
Elizabeth - @rosalilium_
Tereza - @Cityscapebliss
Clare - @abotat90 
Laura - @lolaandbehold
Allie - @rushandteal
Alice - @teaandlead
Leigh - @obviousleigh
Rebecca - @rebecca4makeup
Beca - @becaboosmakeup
Sarah - @sarah22xoxo
Mish - @MishMreow
Robyn - @Robyn_Akerman
Shay - @shayymason
Gemma - @gemmabutton
Zoe - @x_zoelianne_x
Charlotte - @lilmisschickas
Seraphina - @LilMisLifestyle

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