Wednesday 13 February 2013

Black wedge heels and a zebra t shirt

New Look T shirt, Primark Leggings, Office Wedges

Don’t you just love it when an outfit comes together? These are all pieces that I purchased separately but they came together in such a way that you’d think I planned it.

Starting with the T Shirt, it somehow reminds me of Givenchy’s famous panther t shirt and is a great relaxed but cool item for any wardrobe with it’s cut off sleeves.

The leggings are somewhere in between wet look and matt and a Primark bargain!

Last but not least, I was searching for these Office November wedges for ages. When I tried them on it the shop I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. I hope that they’re not too uncomfortable to wear for a few hours because I just love them! I don’t know what else they’d go with to be honest so any advice would be welcomed!

I can’t wait to wear this outfit but you’ll just have to wait until I’ve lost a little bit of weight first J

What would you wear these black wedge boots with?

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