Sunday 28 October 2012

Matalan Shopping Haul

It’s been a while since I did a clothes haul post, not because I haven’t been shopping but because I keep taking the pictures and then forgetting to write up a post! Anyway, I did a spot of shopping the other day on a very rare day off and it ended up being a pretty successful day! Lots of classics which I think I’ll wear for a while but I still want a few trendy pieces to liven up my wardrobe. I’ll do a separate post on these soon.

First stop was Matalan for a change as I usually head straight to Primark! I was really lucky they had some nice pieces so here they are. I found two pairs of black pumps, some bargain jewellery, a black skater dress and a winter Nordic ski jumper as well as some jewellery bits.

The pumps are both black, the first pair is an embellished ballet pump (£12), the second a pair of slip on loafers but in a pony hair (£10)! 

Picked up some boring tights (yawn but it’s an essential) and check out all this jewellery! 4 pairs of earrings for £1 which I bought just for the gold horseshoes earrings, a pair of brushed gold dove bird stud earrings, a gold coin necklace similar to the one Holly Willoughby wears all the time and this gorgeous vintage look enamel A initial double strand pendant. 

The black skater dress is plain but perfect! It’s the style of dress that I wear most and that suits me the most and it also has an exposed zip at the back.

Last but not least is this cosy cream Nordic ski jumper. It’s quite a long style which I’ll be wearing loads no doubt in winter; don’t you always find your wardrobe full of short sleeved tops and never any jumpers?!!

Have you guys got your jumpers out yet?!


  1. Love the ski jumper!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award btw :)
    JEss x x

  2. love the shoes they are lovely. matalan have got some fab pieces in at the mo x